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Hectic Kixs proudly presents the exclusive Geedup collection, offering a premium selection of Geedup Hoodies, T-Shirts, Trackies, and Shorts, all available right here in Australia. Dive into a range that encapsulates the spirit of the streets, with each piece authenticated by Hectic Kixs, ensuring you shop with absolute confidence.

We, at Hectic Kixs, are thrilled to showcase a diverse selection of Geedup clothing, featuring their signature hoodies, track pants, & shorts. Whether you're aiming to uplift your casual ensemble or make a striking statement, our Geedup collection offers something that caters to every style.

Our mission revolves around providing our customers with the finest selection of Geedup clothing, assisting them in crafting a look that is uniquely theirs.

The Legacy of Geedup

Originating from Sydney, Australia, Geedup has solidified its status as a notable streetwear brand, celebrated for its distinctive designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

Established by Jake Paco in March 2010, Geedup has been a formidable presence in the streetwear arena since its early days. The brand, deeply influenced by the 90's Hip Hop era, the style of the 80's Graffiti scene, and the loyalty of the 70's Crime Families, proudly proclaims itself as ‘The Purveyors of all things Hood’.

Adhering to the motto: “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition,” Geedup has been known for its bold graphics, vibrant colors, and collections that draw inspiration from Australian culture and street style. With a strong connection to the Hip Hop movement of the 1990s, Geedup continues to offer a wide range of apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products that resonate with the brand's unique aesthetic and commitment to supporting Australian culture.

Why Geedup Commands Popularity

Geedup has surged to become one of the most recognised streetwear brands across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, capturing the hearts of the youth with its authentic streetwear appeal. The brand has been a pillar in the community, supporting and underpinning cultures such as Aussie and UK drill rap, as well as sports like Boxing and MMA.

Moreover, Geedup hoodies and garments are renowned for their high quality at fair prices, with their distinct look becoming an instantly recognisable streetwear uniform.

The team behind Geedup are not only creators but also community connectors. At Hectic Kixs, we have witnessed their journey and have seen how their vibrant team spirit has made it almost irresistible not to be a part of the Geedup movement!

Authenticity of Geedup at Hectic Kixs

Yes, every Geedup item at Hectic Kixs is 100% authentic and verified, allowing you to shop with utmost confidence. Hectic Kixs stands as a premier destination for hype sneakers and apparel, ensuring that every piece you purchase is genuine and of the highest quality.

Why Geedup Clothing, like the Geedup Hoodie, Sells Above RRP?

The popularity and exclusivity of Geedup Clothing have driven its items to sell above the recommended retail price (RRP) in the secondary market. Limited drops on the Geedup clothing website and high demand for their apparel are key factors contributing to the elevated prices on marketplace platforms like Hectic Kixs.

Hectic Kixs operates as a marketplace, where our sellers list their own prices, ensuring a wide variety of options for our customers. The exclusivity, high perceived quality, and unique designs of Geedup Clothing often lead customers to perceive the products as worth above RRP, contributing to the premium pricing.

How Do Geedup Hoodies Fit?

Geedup hoodies typically fit true to size, but for those who prefer an oversized look, it’s a common choice to go a size up. If you generally wear a Medium, we recommend opting for a Large for that extra room and style.

What Sneakers Pair Well with Geedup Apparel?

Geedup apparel, with its bold designs and unique style, pairs well with a variety of sneakers. Classic styles from Nike, such as Nike Dunks or Air Jordans, complement Geedup outfits well. For a bolder style statement, consider pairing with Nike TNs or Nike React Phantoms. Ultimately, choose a combination that aligns with your comfort and style.

Where to Buy Geedup?

For the latest and most exclusive in Geedup clothing, Hectic Kixs is your go-to destination. With our dedication to quality, customer service, and providing the hottest styles, we stand as the ultimate destination for Geedup enthusiasts.

Explore our Geedup collection today and immerse yourself in the pinnacle of luxury streetwear fashion, right here at Hectic Kixs.